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Georgia Voluntary Organizations Active in Disaster (Georgia VOAD) is the Georgia state chapter of National Voluntary Agencies Active in Disasters (NVOAD). It consists of organizations active in disaster response throughout the state of Georgia. Georgia VOAD's role is to bring organizations together, enable them to understand each other and work together in a cohesive manner. To accomplish these goals, Georgia VOAD meets with its member organizations monthly to share information and training opportunities. These meetings also provide the opportunity to conduct business, plan, network, and provide updates on current disaster relief efforts. Disasters rarely, if ever, provide a warning.

It is up to us to make sure that we are ready for any disaster that may strike and take away some of our daily essentials. We strongly encourage you to take the time to Make a Plan, Prepare, and Stay Informed.


Coronavirus 2019(COVID-19) 

The network of Georgia Voluntary Organizations Active in Disaster is actively monitoring COVID-19. We are working closely with  local, state, federal and public sector partners to identify and address challenges and coordinate response if requested to the  communities during this event. 



CDC: Go to the https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/index.html for the most up-to-date reports regarding COVID-19


DPH: Go to the https://dph.georgia.gov for the most up to date reports from Georgia Department of Public Health


GA VOAD:  COVID-19 Resource Document

GEMA and GA VOAD are working together to compile resources for both nonprofits and faith-based communities as well as statewide resources for vulnerable individuals and those who are financially impacted by COVID-19. Refer to this COVID-19 Resource Document for continually updated resources available on either a statewide or larger community scale. If you have something you think should be included please let Sarah Jackson (sarah.jackson@gema.ga.gov) or Kathy Shemwell (secretary@gavoad.org) know.



Do you work with a nonprofit or faith-based organization that wants to help? If you work for a statewide nonprofit organization that has a focus on disaster relief, we invite you to become a part of the coordination and collaboration that is Georgia VOAD. Please contact the Georgia VOAD President, Lanita Lloyd, at lanita.lloyd@uss.salvationarmy.org. 

Are you an individual that wants to help? Find a full outline of volunteer and donation best practices at https://gema.georgia.gov/get-involved/donations-volunteers

  • Money is best. Make a financial donation to a trusted organization like those working through Georgia VOAD. Cash is undoubtedly the most effective way to provide assistance to those in need, as it allows relief and recovery agencies the flexibility and resources they need to better serve those directly affected all while supporting local businesses as they recover. You can find a list of responding organizations that would greatly appreciate your donation at https://gavoad.communityos.org/cms/Members
  • In-Kind Donations. Please do not send or deliver donations unless they were explicitly requested by responding organization or community. Unsolicited donations cause the issue of sorting and storing when efforts need to be on response and recovery. If you have donated goods you think may be helpful, please contact the GEMA/HS Volunteer and Donations lead, at sarah.jackson@gema.ga.gov. 
  • Volunteer. If you would like to volunteer, we ask that you do not self-deploy and potentially put yourself and first responders at risk. Volunteers should provide their information by visiting https://www.nvoad.org/ or by contacting an organization directly to offer service. You can also contact sarah.jackson@gema.ga.gov or secretary@gavoad.org. 













Georgia VOAD Website

Georgia VOAD members:

We have recently aquired this website and are currently working to make the website fit the needs of the Georgia VOAD.  As you take a look around please take time to add your comments below.  What works? what doesn't? what should be added? What would look better?  What would be more functional?

Thank you so much for your time, this is our website, please help us make it the best for Georgia!

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